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Plastics Pink

Plastics Pink

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Introducing "Plastics Pink" - a fetch soap inspired by the iconic movie Mean Girls. Crafted with a delightful sweet lemon berry mix and infused with ground oatmeal and sea salt for a luxurious exfoliating experience.

Just like the Plastics, this soap is so fetch! Made on a Wednesday, because as they say, "On Wednesdays, we wear pink...soap!"

Revel in the delicious scent of sweet lemon berry mix as you exfoliate with the confidence of a true Plastic. Say goodbye to the drama and hello to radiant skin with Plastics Pink. It's not just soap, it's a lifestyle choice. So, grab your Burn Book, put on your pink tiara, and indulge in the Plastics Pink experience. Because here at Apothecasy, we believe that soap should be as fierce and fabulous as you are. On Wednesdays, we use Plastics Pink - because Mean Girls, well, they do it best.

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